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to love books!

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Start reading today!

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Start reading today!

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Start reading today!
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The next generation of children’s books

Pickatale provides access to more than 1,250 amazing, interactive children’s books. Our ever-expanding library is carefully curated to have books that captivate children and encourage a love of reading. New books released in the app every week!

Lillesøster skal tisse




Toy Story



Verdens historie







Da dinosaurene hersket


Gråtass hjemme alene

Fantasi Fabrikken


Buster Nordic

Kjempesøte dyreunger


Den store boken om slanger


Natta! sier Nora


Pulverheksa og Drømmeprinsen


Reading is the key to all further learning

Let your children explore our large digital library and find books that encourage reading.

A love of reading and books

Pickatale is a new interactive read & listen app for children and a tool for parents when introducing their children to the world of books.

1. Children’s helperA tool for parents

The technology of the interactive books combines entertainment and learning to inspire a love of reading in children. Our mission is for children to enjoy reading – and therefore read much more!

A tool for parents

To become good readers children need to practise – and reading should be interesting and fun. Many people find it challenging to motivate their children to read enough. Pickatale’s interactive books, which can be listened to and read at the same time, are the perfect support in this process.

A love of reading must be cultivated!

The key to developing a love of reading is access to books children like. When introducing children to the world of books and encouraging a love of reading, it is important that they have access to a wide selection of books – so that they always find something that captivates them when it is time to practice reading. New titles are introduced to our library every week!

Pickatale combines learning and entertainment

Pickatale wants to revolutionise the way we publish and buy children’s literature, much in the same way as Netflix has changed the market for movies and TV shows. We want good reading experiences to be readily available to everyone. Our books have been digitised so that all words, pictures and illustrations are clickable. The books are also narrated by well-known voice actors and actresses.