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Introducing Pickatale for Schools and Pickatale for Families!

“Reading is essential for vocabulary acquisition and learning in children. Apps like Pickatale are a great supplement to reading physical books.” David Crystal, one of the world's leading authorities on child language.

Our aim is to give every child the same chance when it comes to accessing amazing books. That’s why we now offer two brilliant digital reading experiences for kids: Pickatale for Schools and Pickatale for Families.

Pickatale for Schools is a free reading app for teachers, students, educators and homeschoolers. It’s completely free to use and is packed with hundreds of brilliant school-related books for reading levels 1 to 8. Teachers can assign homework and track reading progress, while students can read alone or with audio support PLUS play fun reading quizzes. Get Pickatale for Schools for free!

Pickatale for Families offers children a rich and immersive library of 1,700+ books including Biff, Chip and Kipper, Disney, Marvel, audiobooks, bedtime books, early learning titles and so much more. Tap text and objects to learn new words, read along with words as they light up and listen to audio to help build reading confidence. Get Pickatale for Families for 30-days free!

Black Panther: Warriors of Wakanda

Meet Marvel's Black Panther and his amazing allies including his scientist sister Shuri, the fierce fighter Okoye and many awesome others. Marvel


Sisters Elsa and Anna have grown up living separate lives. When Elsa's magical powers are revealed, the pair are pushed even further apart. Can the sisters reunite and find happiness together again? Disney

A New Baby

Introduce your child to new situations and experiences with Biff, Chip & Kipper. What might a child expect from a new baby in the family? Biff, Chip & Kipper

Toy Story

Life is good for Woody and the rest of the toys in Andy's room. Until one day, Andy gets a new toy, a Space Ranger called Buzz Lightyear, and everything changes. What happens next? Disney

The Really, Really Big Dinosaur

Finlay is counting out jelly beans to share with his friend when a big dinosaur comes along and demands them. What follows is a brilliant story about how in order to make friends it's a good idea to be prepared to share! Richard Byrne

The Empire Strikes Back

After the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire has regrouped - with Darth Vader leading the hunt for Luke Skywalker. Star Wars

Starting School

Introduce your child to new situations and experiences with Biff, Chip & Kipper. What might a child expect when they start school? Biff, Chip & Kipper

The Invincible Iron Man

Clad in invincible armour, Iron Man is always ready to rocket to the rescue! Learn about his amazing armour and meet his fearsome foes. Marvel


Locked in a tower for her whole life, the outside world is a mystery to Rapunzel. Determined to see the lanterns that drift up into the sky on her birthday, Rapunzel seizes the chance to leave the tower and learn the truth about who she really is. Disney

A New Hope

Luke Skywalker begins a journey that will change the galaxy, as he leaves his home planet, battles the evil Empire, and learns the ways of the Force. Star Wars

Blue Mountain Mystery

When trouble strikes at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Thomas is sent to help his Narrow Gauge engine friends. Thomas & Friends

We're in the Wrong Book!

When a potato sack race goes awry, Bella and Ben find themselves bumped from their familiar page into uncharted territory. It's a brave new world of lollipops and sphinxes--and Bella and Ben are on one page-turning adventure. How will they find their way back into their very own book? Richard Byrne

Angelina's New School

Angelina is starting a brand-new dance school but she feels out of place when she realizes all her classmates can perform lots of different types of dance. Angelina Ballerina

Bon appetit

The Bear and his distant relative are cooking when Masha arrives and their fun with food turns into a culinary master class! Masha and The Bear  

Boris Gets Spots

Boris is back - and this time he and his classmates succumb to a bout of chicken pox. Carrie Weston, Tim Warnes

Kipper's First Match

Do you like football? Sam and his dad love to play football! In this story Kipper goes to watch a football match with Sam and his family. Read this story to learn about what it might be like to watch a football match. Roderick Hunt, Alex Brychta


Dumbo longs to be accepted by his new circus friends but they all laugh at him because of his ears. Will Dumbo change himself to be accepted, or will he discover that amazing things can happen when you believe in yourself? Disney

Books to entertain

Our interactive storybooks combine entertainment and learning to inspire a love of reading in children. Our mission is to help children enjoy books – and to encourage them to read more.

A tool for parents

To become good readers, children need to practise reading as much as they can. Many people find it challenging trying to motivate their little ones to read more. That’s why Pickatale’s interactive books, which can be read and listened to at the same time, are a brilliant support for kids.

A love of reading will grow

The key to developing a love of reading in children is to offer them access to a wide variety of books. It’s important that kids have the opportunity to choose the books they want to read so that they can better understand what interests them.

Children will have hours of fun with our books

Pickatale is a brilliant way to entertain the kids while giving you peace of mind that your little ones aren’t playing games or watching videos all day.