Questions about content and functionality

How can I download books to read when I am offline?

Click on the download icon under the book you want to download to make it available when you are offline.

How can I get the books in different languages?

Under the books you will find the flags of the languages we have available for that book, click on the flag and download the book.

Where can I find the terms of use?

You can find them here: Terms of Use

How do I create a profile in Pickatale?

Choose the cogwheel in the lower right corner (settings), then select the top button (edit profiles). You can edit, delete and create profiles there. In addition, you can log out of the Pickatale app.

Where can I find the Pickatale app?

The Pickatale app can be found in AppStore and Google Play!

The text is too small on a mobile phone

Press and hold your finger on the text: see an enlarged version of the full text.
We recommend using an iPad for the Pickatale app!

How do I stop my subscription?

To stop your subscription, follow the appropriate link below:



If you have subscribed through our website, you can administer your subscription from:


Forgot or change your password

Forgotten password – order a new password by using the “Forgot password” function in login.
Change password – you can change your password by going to settings in the app and clicking on “Change password” and enter your old and new password.

There is no sound!

Check whether your phone or tablet is set to mute, or check whether the volume is too low.

Publisher/author – how can I get my book on the Pickatale platform.

Please contact our team by e-mail at

Is there something you cannot find?

Send us a mail so we can help you! Contact us.