Five of the best scary kids’ books to read this Halloween 2020

Five awesome scary books for kids to read at Halloween

Tis’ the season for all things spooky and we have plenty of fang-tastic books to get kids into the spirit of the occasion!

Whether your family will be spending this Halloween watching scary films together, carving pumpkins or trick or treating, one thing’s for sure – our wickedly good books are worth setting some time aside for.

Here’s a sneak peek at just some of our favourite children’s books on the Pickatale app to read this Saturday 31 October. From young bookworms to confident readers, our selection of Halloween books offer something for everyone. Tap into the app to start reading, if you dare…

Terrifying Tales – Pickatale Originals

From sightings of supernatural creatures to ancient curses and inanimate objects coming to life, some events are so strange, mysterious and incredibly creepy, they seem to defy all logic! Get ready to read terrifying true-life tales of monsters, mummies and demons…

Spooky Stories – Pickatale Originals

Everyone loves a good spine-tingling ghost story but what if you knew the ‘story’ was actually true? From haunted houses and ghosts and ghouls to undead dolls, this book is sure to leave you sleeping with the lights on…

Bob the Builder: Lofty and the Ghost

Bob the Builder and his crew are setting up the Halloween Festival and Lofty is in charge of delivering the floating ghost decoration! But when Lofty becomes frightened, he drops the decoration and it flies away! Will the team be able to catch the ghost in time for the celebration?

Thomas & Friends: The Ghost Engine

One Halloween, Thomas and Emily bravely set out on the night run. But soon they hear spooky noises from the shed and the two engines are not so brave anymore!

Ripley’s RBI: Haunted House

Ripley’s awesome RBI agents are sent to investigate a Haunted House. What could possibly go wrong? Expect plenty of adventure in this awesome spooky read!

Discover more spooky stories just in time for Halloween when you sign up to our children’s digital library. Kids can browse our library of 1,000+ amazing interactive books: read along with a narrator, listen to audio and tap text and pictures to learn new words.

Happy Halloween!