Five spooktacular books to read this Halloween!

27 October 2019

What better excuse to read a spooky book than Halloween.

We’re gearing up for all things Halloween, which means plenty of scary films and fun books to make you cackle. With the creepiest night of the year set to return this Thursday 31 October, we’re already planning plenty of thrilling activities to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve. From pumpkin carving to movie marathons, fangtastic fancy dress to trick or treating; however you choose to celebrate Halloween this year one thing’s for sure, we have some wickedly good books to get you into the spirit of the occasion.

Skeletons Go Trick or Treating by Simon Rose

Terry and Jimmy are skeletons who live in a graveyard. They aren’t supposed to leave the graveyard but they really want to make new friends. One Halloween, they come up with a plan…

Masha and the Bear: Thriller Night

Masha is up to more mischief in this spooky book from the sensational Masha and the Bear series. The Bear would have never allowed Masha to be left alone to watch a scary film late at night, but he failed to predict the amount of trouble that a frightened Masha could put him through…

World Mysteries – The Bermuda Triangle (Pickatale Original)

The Bermuda Triangle: a mysterious area that many fear to sail or fly through. These eerie waters hold secrets that we can barely explain. Let’s investigate!

My Halloween Helper by Simon Rose

It’s almost Halloween and Lilly doesn’t have her costume yet. When a monster appears in her bedroom to offer Lilly help, she happily accepts and together they go on an adventure to find her perfect outfit!

There’s a Monster in My Room by Janet Davies

A young boy finds that monsters are just as scared of him as he is of them!

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