NEW! Read Disney books with Pickatale

We are so excited to reveal a magical series of Disney books are now available to read on the Pickatale app! Every Friday, we’ll be releasing new enchanting Disney tales for young readers to treasure. Kicking off our exciting Disney book launch are the following favourites: The Little Mermaid, Toy Story and Dumbo,

As with all of the books in our app, young readers can enjoy a new way of storytelling and build confidence in their literacy skills with each book they read. Mini-bookworms can:

  1. Read each Disney book alongside a narrator
  2. Follow highlighted text on every page
  3. Tap text and images to hear words out loud
  4. Listen to each Disney book as an audiobook
  5. Read our Disney books on their own without any special features, as they would a normal book

If your children are reluctant readers, our series of Disney books will help to make reading a fun experience. Your little ones will be well on their way to completing their ‘15-minutes of reading a day’ in no time.

Sign up to our app today and get kids reading more! You’ll automatically receive a free 2-week trial, which you can use to help familiarize your children with our library of 1,000+ books.

Happy reading everyone!