Goldilocks and the Three Bears

By Robert Southey / retold by: Jenny Bowman

Goldilocks is a precious little golden-haired girl who lives next to a forest. One day she wanders into the forest and gets lost. She finds the Three Bears' empty house and eats some of their porridge, finishing Baby Bear's. Then she sits in their chairs and crawls into their beds. When the bears return home, they find Goldilocks still in Baby Bear's bed. She is frightened and races back home.

Recommended age: 6+

Category: 1-2 class, Classics, Fantastic Tales, Fantasy and Fables, Folk Tales, Fun & Play, Norwegian, Picture books

Language: English (Great Britain)

Narrator: Chris Bullough

Illustrator: Anastasia Degas

ISBN: 978-82-322-0186-0